Discover The University District of Kelowna


The University District neighbourhood of Kelowna is located in the northeastern part of the city, adjacent to the University of British Columbia's Okanagan campus. The neighbourhood is primarily residential, and it offers a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums.

One of the major attractions of the University District neighbourhood is its close proximity to the university campus, which offers residents access to a wide range of amenities and recreational opportunities. The campus features several walking and cycling trails, sports fields, and fitness facilities, including a gym and an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

The University District neighbourhood is also home to several parks, including Quail Ridge Linear Park and Academy Way Linear Park, which offer scenic walking and cycling paths.

The neighbourhood is served by several schools, including UBC Okanagan, which offers undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of disciplines. The neighbourhood is also home to Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School, a private school that offers a wide range of academic programs.

In addition to its educational amenities, the University District neighbourhood is located near several shopping and dining options. The nearby Kelowna International Airport and Highway 97 also provide easy access to other parts of the city and the surrounding Okanagan region.

Overall, the University District neighbourhood of Kelowna is a desirable and convenient location to live, particularly for those seeking a community with access to educational and recreational amenities.

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